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{ Postpartum } How I Lost the Baby Weight – 5 Practical Tips



The postpartum period has been both magical and difficult for me. Filled to the brim with love for my baby, the days have drifted by in a haze of cuddles and kisses.

But it’s also been hard to come to terms with a body that’s pretty well unrecognisable. With a floppy tummy, cellulite, sudden lack of muscle tone, and a tired-looking face, looking in the mirror started to verge on the traumatic.

To combat this feeling, I decided to work with a health coach. My goals were to regain muscle tone and optimise my nutrition, thus my mood. And it was the best decision I could have made.

First off, I am now accountable to my coach to get in regular exercise. It’s so easy to simply overlook this habit, but when you get consistent with a daily practice of something light but challenging, the results are evident within weeks. And the practice (yoga, for me) feels so good. After nine months off, exercising suddenly starts to feel like self care, rather than a chore.

This is just one of five small changes I’ve made to my daily routine. With these easy practices, I’ve chipped away, little by little, at those pregnancy pounds that were troubling me a few short weeks ago. I am proud of my achievement, and you can get there too, if you apply these five little things to your daily routine. As my mum always says, “slow and steady wins the race!”


Video: How I Lost the Baby Weight

Want to know the five things I’ve been doing on a daily basis to lose the baby weight? Check out the video below to find out.

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Despite losing my baby weight, I will continue to work with my health coach until April. This is because I still have some improvements I would like to make to my health. Plus I also need to consolidate the new habits I’ve put into place. So watch this space for more updates and tips as I take my health to the next level!

Like this info? Be sure to share it with a friend who might benefit from it too. Let’s support each other as we work towards better health and a positive body image post-pregnancy. I am here for you, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about optimising the postpartum period. We’re in this together!


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