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{ Part Two } Natural Birth: How to Prepare for a Non-Medicalised Birth



accouchement naturel à la maison

You’re pregnant and you want to have the most natural birth possible. Fantastic! This is truly the optimal choice for you and your baby.

Natural birth is a great opportunity for you to reach into the depths of your strength, tenacity and courage. You will come out the other side a changed human being.

As for your baby, a non-medicalised birth is the most respectful way to bring him into this world. And mindfully creating a peaceful birthing environment makes the transition from your cosy womb to the outside world a gentler one for him.

If this is your first pregnancy, never fear! A natural birth is possible the first time around. The most important thing is to be prepared, and to remain positive during your pregnancy.

Which is why I’ve put together my top ten tips for how to prepare for a natural birth. These are the tips I would have loved to receive at the beginning of my pregnancy, when I started to freak out just a teensy bit over how this was all going to pan out.

From my post-partum perspective – relax, smile, and know that you can do this.

Video: How to Prepare for Natural Labour

*Amis français : il y a des sous-titres, il faut cliquer sur CC*

I sincerely hope this video serves you. Please let us know what your biggest takeaway is, and what you you’ll be applying to your own pregnancy.

Lots of love from baby and me,

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p.p.s. Ann recently did a fantabby-dosy interview with the lovely Shelly from Vocable (an ESL radio), all about health, wellness, and how you’re sweet enough already. Give it a listen here.

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