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Thrive Market Unboxing!



I’m the first to eschew modern convenience in the name of quality, homemade, and… let’s be honest, tech-circumvention.

Even if it takes longer.

When I was in my early 20s, for example, my old roommate in LA used to gawk at my “old fashioned” ways, i.e. using a handheld can opener instead of an electric one, whipping my own cream, and making pie crust from scratch.

And… I still do.

However, there’s one modern convenience that I can solidly get behind – especially right now – and that’s online grocery shopping.

It’s not that I don’t like going to the store – I do.
It’s not that I even lament the schlepping of bags – I don’t. It’s good exercise.

It’s that, right now, getting things delivered means a palpable quality of life increase due to current circumstances. It means not standing in endless lines to even enter a store, and most importantly, not having to deal with bizarre social avoidance that makes everyone feel like a sort of… pariah.  

Thrive Market – A Life Saver

Thrive Market is a socially responsable online grocer that specializes in healthier, GMO-free, organic products. In addition to a bevy of delish pantry staples, they also have a host of natural beauty care and home goods. One of the best parts? Wholesale prices. The selling point for me? All the vegan goodies! (Oh, and it’s a low-tech process, trust me.)

I’ll let you peruse for yourself, but first, join me for an exciting and animated unboxing!

Video: Thrive Market Unboxing!

Note: All products purchased with my own money. 


Curious to know more? Check out Thrive Market* and get $20 off your first order. Woohoo! If you’re in Europe, check out Smartfooding*, and you’ll get 10% off your first order – Oui!

I’d love to hear from you, friend. How are you doin’ your shopping these days? Are you foraying into the land of online markets? Are the lines for normal grocery stores cra-zay where you are? Let’s chat in the comments.

* Denotes an affiliate link, which means that if you purchase something using my link, Veggie Magnifique gets a very small commission. Hooray! This is a wonderful way of supporting Veggie Magnifique, should you choose to do so. Of course EVERYTHING that I promote, I 100% love and stand behind.

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