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We’ve said it before, but one of our deepest joys with Veggie Magnifique is the wonderful people we get to meet.

Violaine Bergoin is one of those charming souls that we have encountered thanks to the blog. Her bubbly kindness belies her awesome creative talent (you may remember her delectable Raw Vegan Snickers), and she is now making waves in the Paris vegan scene with her lovely shopfront, Les Petites Pâtisseries Raw & Vegan.

Violaine combines the healthiness of raw food – whole and vibrant uncooked foods, no white sugar or animal products – with the rarified beauty of French pâtisseries. This combo results in delicate creations that delight the senses, sans provoking a post-lunch food coma. Au contraire, we left Les Petites Pâtisseries feeling as energetic and bubbly as the master chef herself.

Because, truth be told, Ann and I are feeling a bit ‘meh’ about eating out these days. We love the oil-free, low-salt, clean and simple meals we eat every day at home. Our food. But complex, salty and oily restaurant fare is usually a recipe for a food coma. Not so chez Violaine. There is a rare finesse about Violaine’s cuisine, and we are grateful to have a new port of call in Paris where we can get beautiful food that fits our health standards.



So, let’s dive into the video, and may the drooling over that little cashew cream tarte begin…


Video: Testing Les Petites Pâtisseries Raw & Vegan

*Nos amis francophones, il y a des sous-titres – il faut cliquer sur CC*


We hope this video has made you want to drop everything and run to Les Petites Pâtisseries Raw & Vegan. If ever you need further encouragement, check out Violaine’s divine Instagram account.

Les Petites Pâtisseries Raw & Vegan

44, rue du Chemin Vert
75011, Paris

Tues-Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm


Love and vegan roquefort,

p.s. Veggie World Lille is coming up! Come and join us on Sunday 16th December at 3pm as we dive into our favourite ways to not spend Christmas and New Year languishing in the dreaded food coma.

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